Alan Muskat, philosoforager, stand-up mycomedian, and epicure of the obscure, has been taking people “out to eat” for over twenty years. He founded the first forage-to-table tour company in the country and the first wild foods public education program on the continent.

Author of Wild Mushrooms: A Taste of Enchantment, Muskat has taught self-catering to a number of executives and other notables and has popped up in a variety of major media. He’s even been invited to appear on America’s Got Talent. Ardently urging the masses to sample rather than trample the toadstools, Muskat asks, “What do you have to lose? Whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you famous.”

Alan really knows how to pick ’em. For close to two decades, he sold hundreds of pounds of wild foods a year to over seventy-five restaurants and hotels, including The Biltmore Estate, Lantern, and The Grove Park Inn. On the thirteen anniversary of 9/11, Muskat spoke at The U.S. Botanic Garden on home/land security. He leads the licensing task force for the North Carolina Wild Mushroom Advisory Committee. The creator of GMO OMG is filming his next documentary about his work.

In 2007, Alan co-founded The REAL Center, a school for relationship skills and natural living. Author of The Haggadah Vita, Alan also led wild food Passover seder banquets for over twenty years. Wild foods, says Alan, are a way of feeling at home in the world, knowing that we are continually provided for and never alone. Finally, his mother would like you to know that he graduated from Princeton.

With humor, warm-heartedness, and panache, Woodsy Alan awakens nature’s wayward children to the beauty and bounty of their bioregion. Ask anyone who knows The Mushroom Man: when it comes to bringing out the fun in fungi, he’s the champignon.

You can’t learn to forage from a website.
Always learn from an expert, preferably your parents.