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What’s in My Yard?

Quick Details

Home Edibles Tour 1-2 adults
additional adult (age 12+)
child (11 and under)

Discover your yarden, the wild edibles growing just outside your door. You’ll meet over a dozen wild foods: greens, berries, mushrooms, and more. You’ll receive a list of your edibles and a “treasure map” showing where to find them. We’ll talk about harvesting and preparation, similar-looking species, medicinal uses, and more.

Foraging is a great way to get outside. Enjoy a real scavenger hunt for the whole family. You won’t become an expert forager overnight, but now is the perfect time to start learning. Discover your backyard supermarket, where shopping is a pleasure!

For the survey portion (just the map & list, no tour), the suggested payment is $100 for up to two acres. For larger properties, custom surveys (if you already know some edibles), or more comprehensive inventories (including medicinal species), contact us.

Home tour (two adults): $200
Additional adult: $40
Children 12 and under: free
Survey only: pay-what-you-want (suggested $100)

“So grateful for this kind, enriching moment for our family today! (And we haven’t even done our wild food hunt yet!) The kids have been so tied to electronics for school (and necessary distraction while I work). THANK YOU for sharing your foraging magic and reminding us that our yard has more to explore!”

“It was a good call to have you guys over. My daughter really has taken to foraging. She loves to make salads from the “yarden” (or at least sometimes supplement store greens with what’s outside). During the quarantine she’s become enamored of the Laura Ingles Wilder Little House books. Homesteading and resourcefulness has become a big thing. She is currently waiting expectantly for the wineberries to appear. Thanks!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the survey “pay what you want?”
We are experimenting with this payment method as part of our hunter-gatherer philosophy.  If it works out well, we plan to expand it to all our offerings.

How does the pay-what-you-want work?
We take your credit card information when you register. After the survey, follow this link to choose your payment amount. It will be charged to the card we have on file for you.

What edibles could be in my yard?
See our sample video or this list.

Will I be ready to start eating what’s in my yard?
Not without further guidance; see here.

Is this offered beyond the Asheville area?
Yes! Travel costs may apply.