About Us

We are a twenty-five year-old ecotour company and educational organization specializing in foraging. Our programs, including wild foods cooking, hunter-gatherer team-building, forest bathing, and more, are by donation and fund our work with youth and at-risk populations. Our mission is to help people to feel at home in the natural world.

We are one of the largest foraging tour companies in the world. We are the only tour company in North America specializing in forage-to-table adventures, and we work with some of the world’s only “u-pick” forage-to-table restaurants.

We are based in Asheville, North Carolina, an acclaimed destination in the heart of the Southern Appalachians. With over 300 wild edibles, our area is the second richest temperate ecosystem on Earth.

We envision a world that re-embraces the only foundation of peace and prosperity for all: the abundance of Nature, including the unselfishness of human nature. Both are reached through one door: when we come home.