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“a find dining experience”

“a realm of the senses all of its own”

“What’s for dinner…? That depends…
on what you bring in.”

“One of the best ways to get to know a place”

“find the elements you’ll later savor at a meal”

“a fascinating journey of discovery”

“as thrilling as reeling in a twenty-pound bass”

“top-notch tours”

“Get in touch with your most-at-peace self”

“Tao-like wisdom”

“channel your inner Euell Gibbons”

“a romantic and fun adventure”


“a back-to-basics way to immerse yourself in a beautiful setting, focus on the present moment, and deeply satisfy your soul”

“an entirely new perspective on the weeds you regularly curse in your garden”

“Grab a knife, hit the woods, and try not to kill anyone.”

“You’ll never go hungry.”

“something like Iron Chef meets Survivorman”

“dishes like venison tartare with blueberries, pickled milkweed and duck egg, and ramp cavatelli with black walnut”

“Go to the source. Literally.”

“Something special — and plenty of bragging rights”

“Recharge your mind, body and spirit”

“The Garden of Eden is real.”

“a rare treat, and a must”

“If I can eat like this every night, I’ll be a happy camper.”

“a fun day in the mountains eating God knows what!”

“The fact that the ingredients had been gathered less than two hours before seemed to make the food taste even better.”

“the country’s first forage-to-table experience”

“wild delicacies hiding in plain sight”

“sustainability, local experiences, outdoor adventure, all in one tasty package”

“take to the hills”

“take an active role in Asheville’s homegrown culinary scene”