Eric Abernethy

No Taste Like Home

uncover the Garden of Eden
escape from Scare-City
find your way home

We are a twenty-year old, internationally-known, wild food foraging tour company and educational organization. We take courageous consumers “out to eat” — outside, that is.

We are the only u-pick, forage-to-table event company on the continent. We are based in Asheville, North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southern Appalachia, the richest temperate ecosystem on Earth. We offer:

Our signature experience involves both lookin’ and cookin’. We lead go-getters on a woodland shopping spree, gathering wild mushrooms, plants, and other “extreme cuisine.” After our wild gooseberry chase, it’s finders, eaters as we cook up a sampling for a wild foods “pick-nic.” Then it’s Survivor meets Iron Chef as one of our partner restaurants transforms the rest of your catch of the day into find dining. Wild mushroom pizza, daylily tamales, sassafras root beer, wisteria ice cream… it all depends on what we find.

When you forage, shopping becomes a perpetual Easter egg hunt. And it’s not just the food that’s wild and free. Going back to nature, we go back to our true nature as trusting, loving beings. We welcome the world with open arms, and we find that it has been waiting for us all this time: for us to come home.

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