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Reishi Tour

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$ 100

For over 2,500 years, reishi has been revered as an elixir of vitality and enlightenment. It’s tender growing edge can be seared like steak — and can taste just as good.

With over 150 documented health benefits, reishi may be one of the most important herbs for detoxification and immunity on the planet. Rare in most of the world, it was once reserved only for royalty. It grows most abundantly in the two richest temperate ecosystems in the world: Southern China and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This tour is a moderately strenuous 1.5-mile hike. Participants will also have the option to go off-trail. This is a creek gorge. The terrain is steep and full of fallen trees. Please be reasonable regarding your group’s abilities. You may prefer to join our foraging tour, which generally covers no more than 1/2 mile over flat ground.

$100/person includes half a pound of local wild reishi found and dried by our CEO. Tour requires a minimum of 5 participants — and a chance for reishi — to run. If neither one appears likely by five days before, we will postpose until the following week. If you are unable to reschedule, we will issue a refund.


“Hiking around the forest would have been enough to get a positive review; it was that special of a place – so serene, with hints of magic. Add to that the fact that in less than three hours, the guides helped us to discover so much, from stinging nettles to reishi mushrooms. They talked about what we were seeing and helped us notice what we weren’t. They readily shared their knowledge and experiences, and I learned so much. Then we cooked up some of our foraging finds – delicious! And we even had enough to take home. The adventure was outstanding from start to finish.”