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woman holding large mushrooms

Christian Marr

Christian Marr, biologist and naturalist, has been enamored with the natural world from her earliest memories. Growing up with biologist parents, she spent her days growing food in the family garden and making friends with insects, lizards, and mushrooms, and with bedtime stories of soil microbes and healthy ecosystems.

Christian holds a BS in Biology from Stetson University, a Wild Mushroom Safety Certification, and has completed various mycological courses up through the graduate level. Through her career, Christian has worked in a variety of botanical and mycological contexts, including the University of South Florida Herbarium, an apprenticeship under herbalist Willow Lamonte (Valrico, Fl), as a lab technician at Mushroom Mountain (Easley, SC), permaculture design at Maui Malama Famly Farms (Maui, HI), and much more!

Christian has dedicated hours lovingly studying the wonders of mycology and botany and jumps at the opportunity to share the magic of plants and fungi with anyone she encounters. She is passionate about the empowerment that can be inspired from teaching others about the solutions, medicines, and deliciousness found in nature and is delighted to be spreading the spores of knowledge and connection on our tours.