Where to Meet

These directions are by arrangement only. Our regularly scheduled tours, unless otherwise indicated, meet on site. If you have not received directions to the site by the night before, email us.

We’ll be meeting at Westgate Regional Shopping Plaza, 66 Westgate Parkway (see Google map), across from Earth Fare. Note that this is the Westgate Earth Fare, not Earth Fare South.

In the aerial view below, you can see Earth Fare marked on the top left. Your guide(s) will meet you at the far end of the parking lot across from it.

If you are traveling in more than one car, your guide(s) will give you printed directions to the tour site. It will include his or her cell phone number. However, remember that in the woods, you or your guides may not have cell reception, so make sure you follow the directions precisely. Do not rely on your GPS until you make sure it matches the directions we give you, or you may get lost.

See you in the woods!