Finders, Eaters

We offer 3-hour foraging tours, 1.5-hour wild food strolls, and private tours; see descriptions and comparison chart below. Programs take place in Asheville, North Carolina year-round and elsewhere by arrangement. For larger group offerings, see here.

Tours are suitable for all ages and abilities, all equipment is provided, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our foraging tours are three hours long and take place at a variety of locations within 20-40 minutes of downtown Asheville.  On our wild gooseberry chase, we’ll wander through field and forest, filling our baskets with edible greens, berries, flowers, mushrooms (when in season), fruits, nuts, seeds… we never know what we might find!

You’ll meet ten to twenty wild foods, focusing on the ones you might find in your own woods or backyard. Tours include our introductory e-book and all equipment is provided. Best of all, you get to eat what you’ve found!

At the end of the tour, we cook up a sampling. Then you have the option to either take home your catch of the day, learn to cook it, or let one of our six partner restaurants prepare it for you. You could call it “Survivor meets Iron Chef.” We call it find dining.


Our wild food stroll is one and a half hours long and takes place on the grounds of the Omni Grove Park Inn, 5 minutes from downtown Asheville. You will meet at least half a dozen edibles, and you have the option to have dinner at the Omni’s sunset view restaurant, Vue 1913, including a free appetizer featuring the wild foods you just met.


Our private tours are generally three hours long and similar in format to the full-length tour, but can be tailored to your interests. For example, if you would prefer to take a longer hike (our tours are usually no more than a third of a mile over level ground), or focus on medicinal uses of wild plants, etc, we can do that for your group. Private tours start at $450 for up to six adults (and $75 for each additional adult).

What’s the difference between the foraging tour and wild food stroll?

Wild Food Stroll Foraging Tour
 LOCATION  The Omni Grove Park Inn  a variety of natural areas
  minutes from downtown Asheville 5 15-45*
 DAYS  Thursdays and Fridays  Wednesdays & Saturdays
(other days by request)

March 12th to November 5th
November 6th to March 11th






experts lead all ages and abilities

foraging plants & maybe mushrooms

restaurant appetizer with your finds

at The Grove Park Inn

 or at five other restaurants

  • cooking demo and tasting

  • optional cooking class

  • photos

  • e-book



  COST** $40/adult
*directions & and other details upon booking
**prices are suggested donation; proceeds fund our youth program
***age 5-11; for 4 and under, see here