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kousa dogwood
Foraging Like a Native
Sunday, March 8th, 9-12 am
at a secret South Florida location


Ready to go wild? Join Asheville, North Carolina’s internationally-known, Miami-native epicure of the obscure on a trip “off the eaten path.” Discover what people ate “BC”— before Costco — as he takes you “out to eat” — outside, that is.

Wild food is the ultimate natural food: ultra-local, fresher, more flavorful, and 10 to 100 times more nutritious than its garden-variety descendants. And it’s free! Believe it or not, there is more wild food in the city than the country, including over a dozen delectables right downtown. It’s time to eat the neighbors!

Learn how to safely gather wild plants, mushrooms, and other extreme cuisine. Experience The Mushroom Man’s unique blend of stories, poetry, wit and wisdom. Intro e-book and photos of the day included. All ages welcome.

Miami: eat it like a native. What do you have to lose? “Whatever doesn’t kill you,” says Muskat, “only makes you famous.”

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