a rewilding retreat

catch of the day

Ready to go wild? Join us off the eaten path as we get back to nature, inside and out. Come explore wild, truly natural food along with truly authentic connection. We’re going to meet — and eat — “outside the box.”

Let us take you out to eat — outside, that is. Together, we’ll wander through field and forest, filling our baskets. Then it’s “finders, eaters” as we craft our catch of the day into find dining. Wild mushroom pizza, day lily tamales, sassafras root beer, wisteria ice cream… it all depends on what we find. As we become a modern clan of hunter-gatherers, it’s Survivor meets Iron Chef — and everybody wins.

Most people have no idea how easy it is to “take in the landscape.” Foraging is a slow food, slow mood experience. Local food, after all, doesn’t just benefit the environment. When we “eat here now,” exploring, savoring, and celebrating exactly where we’re at, we rediscover paradise. We revel in real eating and real-ating. We begin, perhaps for the first time, to be free.

Rewilding means reversing human domestication. It means reclaiming the natural you that is wild, free, and happy. This is our birthright: to be who we were born to be. This happens when we free ourselves from the competitive, fear-based mindset of a domination-based culture. And that happens from the inside out.

When we uncover the Garden of Eden all around us, we learn not just how to feed ourselves, but what truly feeds us: the knowledge that the world is not a hostile place of scarcity but a loving source of abundance. Only then, when we no longer have to always be “looking out for number one,” can we really work together as a team.

Join us as we go back in time, before civilization, before “Scare City.” Experience the peace that passeth any promotion. Bring yourself back home.