“a fascinating journey of discovery”

Country Living

“as thrilling as reeling in a twenty-pound bass”

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

“truly amazing... worth every penny times ten!”

Gone with the Wynns

“a great day… so much fun”


“a fascinating journey… a real pleasure”

Voice of America

“learn what's edible as well as what actually tastes good”

USA Today

“Absolutely delicious!”

Dr. Andrew Weil

“a fun day in the mountains eating God knows what!”


“I felt for a moment as if I’d stumbled upon a child’s tea party in the woods.”

The New Yorker

“Most of us buy our food from the grocery store. Alan Muskat gathers his food from the forest.”

Blue Ridge Outdoors

“one of the nation’s premiere authorities on foraging”


“widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable experts in the rare field of mycology”


“Alan really knows his 'shrooms.”

The History Channel

“mushroom maestro”

Southern Living

“I've seen him handle lethal mushrooms, such as the infamous death angel, with the finesse of a snake charmer.”

The Mountain Xpress

“Muskat is somewhat of a pioneer, harvesting all sorts of creepy crawlies with which to experiment.”

The Mountain Xpress

“After years of honing his skills, his mother eventually stopped worrying.”


“Alan Muskat presents me with crunchy dried ants for lunch…”

Sandor Katz, The Revolution will not be Microwaved

“Termites, thumb-sized green tomato worms, garden slugs, inky black mushrooms — Alan Muskat has eaten them all.”

Explore Asheville

“And you thought your job was tough?”

Fast Company

“It's a rare entrepreneur that can succeed on a model based somewhat on an element of danger. Muskat is a little like the Appalachian version of the sushi chef who specializes in fugu…”

The Mountain Xpress

“My relationship with mushrooms has been simple: I eat them sauteed at a steak house or kick them over if they are in my yard… [my] adventure with Alan Muskat ruined my innocence.”

The Herald-Journal

“Amazing. Just brilliant.”

The Restaurant Brokers

“a romantic and fun adventure”


“Sounds wild.”

The Boston Globe

“one of the coolest ways to experience [Asheville]”


“may be the most interesting and educational adventure we’ve ever done”

Hilton Mom Voyage

“These trips also make awesome bachelor party alternatives. As one groom said of his trip last year, “I figured we’d go strip — some bark.”

The Green Bride Guide

“Move over wild boars. There’s a new set of hunters on the prowl: hotel guests.”

Yahoo Travel

“farm-to-table dinners are giving way to forage-to-table affairs”


“all of the top chefs are doing it”


“Big-city chefs are now looking beyond farmers markets to nearby forests and pastures for ingredients. But Asheville, North Carolina, is way ahead of the curve…”

Tasting Table National Edition

“Forget Noma—it’s time for NorCar.”

Condé Nast Traveler

“In Asheville, 'diverse' goes well beyond a few good places to eat pho… Muskat boasts, “even our plants are freaky.”


“the newest blend of adventure dining and sustainable living, and Muskat is at the forefront”

WNC Magazine

“Like a woodsy, wide-eyed Willy Wonka, Muskat invites his guests to abandon the pedestrian trail and step inside the wild buffet of the forest.”

Our State

“Muskat is a showman.”

front page, The Asheville Citizen Times

“Not only does Alan know where to forage, he’s also more than happy to show you.”

The Revivalist

“What better culinary skill than being able to harvest one's own dinner in the woods?”

Experience Life

“not just a way to eat dinner, but a way of getting involved and creating a sense of home”

Capital at Play

“Not only can foraging help you survive in an emergency, it can be a means of diversifying and supplementing your diet with fresh, truly local foods.”

American Survival Guide

“more than just a survival tool… a healthy, sustainable way of life”

cover story, Capital at Play

“the ultimate in fresh food”

The Washington Post

“Does your food taste better when you’ve found it yourself? Of course it does.”

Organic Authority

“Freshly snuck up on mushrooms taste so much better than the non-snuck-up-on kind!”


“the ultimate way to eat local and seasonal”

Natural Awakenings

“a lesson in turning the familiar into the edible”

Raleigh News & Observer

“I walk in my yard now and look for something to eat.”

front page, The Asheville Citizen-Times

“It is all right here… a bountiful tableau so often ignored in our everyday…”

Tango Diva

“If we hunted mushrooms in this country as normally as we watch TV or play a video game, everyone would be an expert.”

Mountain Xpress

“...the less picky you are — no pun intended — the more open you are to what life dishes out…”

The Chicago Tribune

“gives a whole new meaning to ‘picky eaters’ ”

“You quickly become a disciple… It suddenly seems silly to be forcing crops upon a planet that is bursting with foods literally at our feet.”

The Local Palate

“How many acres is your farm?” “About four million.”

interview, For Food's Sake

“there really is enough for everyone.”


“On the drive home, a question was forming in my mind. I wanted to ask Alan if foraging habituates in us a posture of receiving rather than squabbling over the food that’s all around us. But that seemed overly abstract. The winter sun shone on his face, he was singing along with gusto to Fleetwood Mac, and I already had my answer.”

The Oxford American