Passover Retreat

Can the Lord prepare a table in the wilderness?

Psalm 78:19

Passover is a celebration of springtime, freedom, and rebirth. Join No Taste Like Home founder Alan Muskat and guide Roger Klinger for a four-day journey back to The Garden, gathering manna from providence. Within forty hours, we will gather and prepare forty wild ingredients for an interfaith Passover seder ritual dinner. Each participant will receive a copy of Alan’s Passover guidebook, The Haggadah Vita.

Space is limited to fourteen participants. Proceeds will be donated to Homegrown Babies, a local childbirth education service. For a menu and images from a previous springtime banquet, see here.

Day 1

2 pm arrival
3-4 pm welcome, introductions
5-6:30 pm dinner prep
7 pm dinner

Day 2

8-9 am breakfast
9:30-4:30 pm outing with picnic lunch
5-6:30 pm dinner prep
7 pm dinner

Day 3

8-9 am breakfast
9:30 am-12:30 pm outing
12:45 pm lunch
1:30-5 pm seder prep
6-10 pm seder

Day 4

8-9 am breakfast
10 am check out


Forty Springtime Wild Foods

bamboo daylily purple archangel spring beauty
basswood garlic mustard ramp stonecrop
bittercress knotweed redbud sweet cicely
birch milkweed sassafras toothwort
burdock moneyplant sochane trout lily
chickweed morel solomon seal wintercress
chickory nettle sourwood wisteria
cleavers partridgeberry spicebush wild onion
dandelion pine spiderwort wood sorrel