Mountain Light Sanctuary


Also make sure you have enough time to get there.

Our outing will be at Mountain Light Sanctuary in Big Ivy National Forest, about 35 minutes northeast of downtown Asheville.Do not rely on your GPS until you make sure it matches these directions or you will very likely get lost.  Also keep in mind that once you leave the interstate, you will probably NOT have cell phone signal. You may not have GPS reception either. So make sure you print or save these directions beforehand and follow them precisely.

These directions are from central Asheville, specifically, from Greenlife Grocery (our local Whole Foods). We recommend buying snacks or even a picnic lunch for after the tour, as well as “using the facilities” while you’re there.

Finally, remember that if you’re planning to bring some of our “catch of the day” to one of our partner restaurants, you MUST make a special reservation (see here).



1470 Dillingham Road, Barnardsville, NC*

*do not rely on your GPS until you make sure it matches these directions or you will very likely get lost.

From Greenlife Grocery, head south on Merrimon Avenue toward Orange Street. Turn right to take the ramp onto I-240W. Take I-240 West to US 19-23 north/I-26 West toward Weaverville. Follow this highway for just over 12 miles. Take exit 15 for NC 197, Jupiter/Barnardsville.

Turn right toward Barnardsville at the end of the ramp. Follow NC 197 (a 2-lane highway) about 6 miles to the town of Barnardsville. Turn right onto Dillingham Road just past the old fire station. It’s about 6 miles to the National Forest from here; stay on Dillingham Road the whole way. Dillingham road has three roads that come into it along the way, so here are some landmarks which may be helpful. Once you turn on Dillingham road and go 2.2 miles, the road bears a strong left (another road comes in directly in front). Then go another 1.5 miles and the road bears another strong left (Stoney Brook road comes in from the right).  After the second strong left, you go 1/3 mile and the road bears a strong right.  Continue on this for one mile, until you cross a very small bridge, leave the pavement and enter the national forest.

As soon as you enter the national forest, you will see a big sign on your right that says “Big Ivy – Pisgah National Forest.” Go .3 mile and turn right, just after a half-circle turn out. Crossing over the creek onto an unnamed gravel road. Corner Rock Picnic Area (unmarked) will be on your left. Go 1/2 mile and park in the small area on the right, just before an old wooden bridge. Your guide will meet you here. If the pull off is full and you have to park along the road, be sure not to block traffic.

This map is to an APPROXIMATE location