Crooked Oak Mountain Inn


Also make sure you have enough time to get there.

Our outing will be at Crooked Oak Mountain Inn, about 15 minutes north of downtown Asheville. Do not rely on your GPS until you make sure it matches these directions or you will very likely get lost.  Also keep in mind that once you leave the interstate, you will probably NOT have cell phone signal. You may not have GPS reception either. So make sure you print or save these directions beforehand and follow them precisely.

These directions are from central Asheville, specifically, from Greenlife Grocery (our local Whole Foods). We recommend buying snacks or even a picnic lunch for after the tour, as well as “using the facilities” while you’re there.

Finally, remember that if you’re planning to bring some of our “catch of the day” to one of our partner restaurants, you MUST make a special reservation (see here).


217 Patton Mountain Road, Asheville, NC 28804

From Greenlife Grocery, head north on Merrimon Avenue for .8 mile, then right on E Chestnut. In .5 mile, turn right on Furman Ave, then in .1 mile left on Arlington St. Arlington Street turns right and become Cameron Street.

Turn left onto Town Mountain Road. In about 2 miles you will see a sign saying “WESTERN RESIDENCE” which is Patton Mountain Road- turn left. At the water tank take a hard right around tank to stay on Patton Mountain Road. Crooked Oak Mountain Inn is ¾ of a mile on right side at # 217 (You will see sign at entrance to driveway).

Your guide will meet you there.