"What's In My Yard?" Service

Nature comes home to one most when one is at home.
The stranger and traveler finds her a stranger and traveler also.

John Burroughs

We offer a home yarden wild foods inventory service, showing you the food and medicine available right on your own land. If your property is within 45 minutes of Asheville, we might do this for free!

It's both fun and empowering to turn your property and/or neighborhood into an outdoor supermarket. Remember, Home+Land=Security. Even an "empty" city lot can be a little Garden of Eden. Suddenly, you no longer see nature as a waste of space. Go green and save green by going as local as it gets. It's time to eat the neighbors!

With a home visit — and an hour or two in the kitchen — we can easily show you how to prepare your indigenous ingredients. And of course, meeting at your place makes it easier for family and friends to attend. Just keep in mind that not everything, especially mushrooms, will be out at once (see here), and you may even see more of what you have at home on one of our regular tours (see here).

For prices and more info, see here.