Free Home Tours


Host our tours on your property and learn what’s growing there — for free! We’re looking for:

  • locations within 45 minutes of Asheville
  • easy to find and easy to get to
  • parking for at least six cars

Within a hundred yards or so of the parking spot, we need:

  • some sunny, weedy areas
  • a square 1/4-mile or more of flat, open woods; not a narrow, steep trail
  • both hardwoods and conifers
  • minimal poison ivy
  • cell phone signal

Preferable but not required:

  • bathroom access
  • table & chairs
  • shelter in case of rain
  • a stream
  • ice cream

If you think you’ve got what takes, let us know! If you don’t, you can still arrange for a home visit.

You can’t learn to forage from a website.
Always learn from an expert, preferably your parents.