Wild Mushrooms, from Forest to Table

New Society Publishers
Summer 2018

Foreword by Sandor Katz, Wild Fermentation
Recipes by Kim Hendrickson, Savory Bites

Table of Contents

Ready to go wild?

Do you have enough food, enough money, enough love? Foraging can give you all these things. It’s simple: what works for people and the planet is what’s natural. And the only food that is truly natural, truly local, and truly sustainable is food that thrives on its own: that’s wild food.

To be happy and healthy, we have to get back to nature. But to rewild, we can’t just eat wild food. We need natural exercise too: that’s foraging. And the funnest foraging is for fungi.

Wild mushrooms are no harder to tell apart than vegetables. After all, we’ve been eating them since 7 million BC (Before Costco). And the only field guide we needed had two legs.

Foraging uncovers a benevolent world. No more starving amid abundance. No more fear of not having enough. You finally get out of The System, out of ScareCity.

In this radical manifesto, The Mushroom Man leads us beyond ID books, apps, and other modern crutches. He leads us back to Providence, to the real Garden of Eden, to the ultimate in food security.

When you forage, it’s not just the food that’s wild and free. Going back to nature, we go back to our own true nature as loving, open beings. We welcome the world with open arms, and we find that it has been waiting for us all this time: for us to come home.

Alan Muskat lives in Asheville, where he is the founding director of the wild food education organization, No Taste Like Home.

I can’t decide if this book is more packed with wisecracks or wisdom, but I’d recommend it for either one.

Dr. Andrew Weil

innovative, innervating, and informative

Dr. James Duke, Author, The Green Pharmacy

delightfully conveys the joy and enthusiasm of hunting wild mushrooms

Leon Shernoff, Editor, Mushroom, The Journal

very readable, especially for newbies

Britt Bunyard, Editor, FUNGI

very interesting… a great interpretation

Dr. Tom Volk, Mycologist

well-written, clever, informative and entertaining; I laughed out loud…

Deborah Morgenthal, former Editor in Chief, Lark Books

brings a quick, constant humor and accessibility to a fascinating subject.

Michael Metivier, Editor, Chelsea Green Publishing

friendly, thorough and entertaining… so much more than a field guide. Written in such a charming manner… accessible to a large range of people with different backgrounds. I love everything, including the illustrations. The best I’ve read yet.

Kimberley Cameron, Literary Agent

wonderful material… very clever! I am mightily impressed.

Lisa Ekus, Literary Publicist

The current 42-page edition is included with our foraging tours and is also available here.