Finders, Eaters


Tuesday, April 9th
Chapel Hill, NC

Ready to go wild? Join famed forager Alan Muskat and celebrated Chef Andrea Reusing for an adventure in "find dining." You'll learn how to safely find, identify, appreciate, and maybe even EAT wild mushrooms, plants, and other extreme cuisine. You'll also learn about wild medicinals, dyeing with mushrooms (that's D-Y-E), and more, all with The Mushroom Man's unique blend of poetry, stories, wit & wisdom.

On this culinary treasure hunt, we’ll explore our springtime woods and meadows, gathering ten to twenty indigenous ingredients. That night, we’ll enjoy our “catch of the day” at Lantern Restaurant's new community kitchen, Lantern Table. Chef Andrea and her team will prepare a five-course farm and forage-to-table meal, complete with wine and beverage pairings.

Join us "off the eaten path" and experience the life of a modern hunter-gather firsthand. The walk will be short and easy, with no need to take either photos or notes; both are included. Simply “take your pick” and enjoy a taste of the wild life, a memorable lesson in high-class survival.

outing, 9:30-12:30, $60
dinner, 6:30, $75 (plus tax and tip)

for the outing, register here
for dinner, call Lantern at 919-969-8846