Three Seasons to Eden


Who cares what they say? It's a nice way to live
Just taking what Nature is willing to give.

Robert Frost, "Blueberries"

Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015 dates TBA

Ready to go wild? Join famed forager Alan Muskat for five days of wild foods lookin' and cookin'. You'll experience the life of a modern hunter-gatherer firsthand. Each morning, we’ll explore nearby fields and forests, gathering our ingredients. That afternoon, we'll "prep" them for the kitchen. And that evening, we'll enjoy our catch of the day in wild mushroom pizza, day lily tamales, sassafras root beer, wisteria ice cream... it all depends on what we find!

On this culinary treasure hunt, you'll learn how to safely find, identify, appreciate, and maybe even EAT wild mushrooms, plants, and other "extreme cuisine." You'll also learn about wild medicines, dyeing with mushrooms (that's D-Y-E) and more, all with The Mushroom Man's unique blend of poetry, stories, wit & wisdom. It's a unique experience in "find dining," a memorable lesson in high-class survival.

This spring, summer, and/or fall, go "off the eaten path" and discover how easy it is to take in the landscape. Outings are short and easy; Alan's introductory e-book is included so there's no need to take notes. Simply go "out to eat," take your pick, and enjoy a "slow food, slow mood" experience.

In this Garden of Eden, we’ll rediscover not just how to feed ourselves, but what truly feeds us: the knowledge that we are always home: that the world is not a hostile place of scarcity but a loving source of abundance.

single session and three-season price TBA
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